In this support article, we will learn how it is possible to integrate your playlists or the one of your favorite artists into your app.

To create a Music page in your app click on "Music" . This appears:

Click on  to create a new playlist in this page.
Enter the name of your playlist and a cover photo.

Then click on "OK" to save your choice. 

After saving changes you will be presented with additional options.

 You have three possibilities to add songs and albums to your playlist: 

  • iTunes
  • Podcast
  • Custom

Let's start by iTunes. 


Click on the iTunes icon . This appears:

You have three possibilities to search the songs you want to add to your playlist: 

  • Artist
  • Album
  • Title

Then enter your research in the field, then click on . This appears:

Click on each album / the track or the artist you want to add to your playlist.


Once you have finished your selection, click on  to validate your choice.



Click on the Podcast icon . This appears:

Enter the URL address of the podcast ( .xml format) you want to integrate. Then click on .


Then click on  to add this podcast to your playlist.



Click on the custom icon . This appears:

In this part you are able to share tracks you host on your own site. To integrate your tracks, enter the information needed in the fields and then click on .


The Result May look like this: