This features allows you to create Product pages.

Little warning: if you have menus, don't create them with this feature but use the "Menu" feature instead which is more appropriate.

  • Create a main category (click on "+main category"):

2. There are 2 options:

 create a sub-category if needed (by clicking on "+ sub-category") :

or directly create a product (by clicking on "+ Product") :

Notes :


Think carefully about the order in which the main categories appear as they will appear in the same order they will be created.

You can create all you main categories first, then all your subcategories and finally all your products in the appropriate subcategories.

You can drag and drop all your subcategories (in a same main category) by clicking on .

An example of a subcategory order modification: The subcategory "Mix salad" is 1st:

The subcategory "With chicken" is 2nd:

You can do the same thing with products:

"Big Chicken" is 1st:

You can obtain this:

You can also choose another design for your page, from the different page designs at the bottom of the feature: