Once you would have build the application of your first client, you should create and access to the application for him. Thanks to this he will be able to integrate or manage content in his application. 

You must know:

- for creating an access to one application, you have to go in the "Access management" menu, create a new account and associate him an app.

- a client can only look his own application.

Creating a client access is something quite simple:

Step 1: 

Enter in the "Access management" menu from the header main menu. This will appear: 

Step 2:

To create a new access click on 

Step 3: 

Once you have clicked on +, you have to fill a form. You have to enter all the information required to create your client's access. 

Once you have entered all the information, click on "Save" to validate the creation of your client's access.

Then click again on the "Access management" menu, you will see the new user, click on  to edit this user and associate an app to him. Go down in the page and you will see the list of your apps. Just select the app(s) this user can manage.